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Anastasia Beverly Hills|Modern Renaissance Palette|Review

Blog pics blushmedo 060716-1665Anastasia Beverly Hills started making a name for herself by doing eyebrow products that everyone went bonkers for. I had heard lots about her eyeshadows, but they’ve only become available in the last year or so and this is the first thing I picked up. *enter the  Modern Renaissance Palette*

The running theme for this Summer seems to be warm tones of reds and oranges which is perfect for me and my blue eyes. When I first saw this, I thought the shades were completely different to what they are. The second row definitely is on the warmer spectrum and as we all know, I love that. The top row is slightly more cool toned, but not so much that the colours don’t work together.

I won’t dwell on the packaging too much as quite a lot has been said about it already on social media. What I will say is. It gets dirty and I mean, a whiff of any dust, shadow or foundation flying around and it clings to the soft velvet suede like … I mean you know what. Being pretty will only last so long once you actually make use of it. I can totally see where they were going with it and in theory, pastel pink velvet is the best idea ever. But in reality, no. Just no.

As I said before, I haven’t ever had any of her eyeshadows before so without anything to base them on, it’s hard to give a good comparison. I do really love the shadows, even though they can be quite messy and you only need to dip your brush in lightly to get the most intense colour payoff. The colours work really great together and even if your scared of reds I think this palette could easily work for you. The undertone of the colours is quite rusty, making them much closer to brown than to red meaning anyone can rock these shadows and get away with it.

The Modern Renaissance Palette is one of the most expensive palettes she has released and I hope it’s not the start of a theme. You can get this one on Cult Beauty here for £41, but you can get 10% off if you sign up to their mailing list. It’s definitely worth a look if you need a new eyeshadow palette and even if you don’t.

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