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Bamboo muslin cloths|NET-A-PORTER|Aurelia

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I have never ever had anything from NET-A-PORTER before for no other reason than I always forget it exists. Well, that and most things are a tad out of my price range.. So when I got this through the door on my birthday, I was so excited! If you’ve never received anything from there, the packaging is so sleek and sophisticated. You get the black outer box with your product wrapped in black tissue paper. It’s gorg.

Inside were the most beautiful muslin cloths I have ever seen. They’re by a company called Aurelia which produce primarily skincare – all their ingredients are ethically sourced and they never test on animals. You get 7 muslin cloths and the idea is to use each one twice (one a day) and then wash it. In theory, it’s a great idea, but I don’t know if I would get them all washed and stuff ready for the next week. It took me a while to actually use them because they feel really delicate and soft so I was really worried I would ruin them. Although they feel delicate, on the face they’re just the right balance of soft and exfoliating without being harsh and are great at removing cleanser. The bamboo helps stimulate circulation on the face and is naturally anti bacterial so perfect for ya face.

I have been using them as they suggest for just over a week and maybe it’s mental, but I think they have made a difference to my skin. They certainly are the poshest muslin cloths I have ever owned. I love the idea and are perfect for cleansing on a daily basis. The company are based in England and all their products are made here to. If your looking for a unique present for somebody or just a treat to yourself, these are beautifully presented but are actually a useable gift. You can get them from NET-A-PORTER for £18 for 7 muslin cloths.

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Thank you SJ for my beautiful present ♥


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