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Becca Backlight Priming Filter|Dupe Alert

Glowing skin has been my thang lately and I lusted after the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector for such a long time and decided to take the splurge just before I had my operation (see ‘about me‘ for more info as to why), but literally I used it just once and I knew it was love. A few days later, I was in Boots and happened to walk past Seventeen and spotted their 3 way Primer in their ‘new’ stand. I swatched it on my hand and though it looked like something that would work really well as a dupe so picked it up hoping I had found something much cheaper which had the same kind of effect as the Becca one.

Becca backlight priming filter vs Seventeen 3 way Primer blushmedo 030516-0689

First of all, with any higher end product the packaging is going to be much more weighty than the high street one (normally), which it is in this instance. The Becca Backlight Priming Filter is in a beautiful glass bottle with a pump that dispenses a small amount of product, meaning you don’t overdo it and end up wasting it. The Seventeen one is a plastic bottle and feels not so grown, could be the colours or the fonts they have used but thats how it feels for me. The pump on this one feels quite heavy duty and I use just less than half a pump for my whole face otherwise my face looks like a grease ball (which nobody needs).

I would describe the Becca as a neutral/champagne toned shade, that looks like it has actual pearls blended into it. The formula isn’t greasy AT ALL, perhaps a little on the dry side for dehydrated gals like me, but that does work in my favour if I need my makeup to stay put the whole day, it does just that while still keeping my skin looking dewy and light from within.

The Seventeen 3 way primer is definitely much more pink toned when first applied, but I don’t think it is noticeable once blended out. I find this one to be much more hydrating when applying it, but that does mean that I have to make sure I powder enough for it to last throughout the day. Because this is so glow and as the name suggests, you can also use it as a highlight on it’s own for your cheekbones and also mix it in with your foundation. I haven’t really tried using it this way yet, but will definitely give it a go.

If your into your skincare, then Becca is full of lovely stuff for your skin which the Seventeen primer doesn’t have so much of, being a cheaper product. But I personally think that the Seventeen 3 Way Primer is definitely a good enough match for me to call it a dupe for the Becca Primer and with a difference of £26.01 for the same amount of product, I will definitely be repurchasing the dupe in place of the Becca.

Seventeen Wow Primer is £5.99 available on a 3 for 2 at Boots at the moment and the Becca Backlight Primer is available from Cult Beauty for £32. If you don’t have the cash to spend, then I would highly recommend giving the cheaper alternative a go if your looking for that summer glow thats so in at the moment, without breaking the bank.

Becca backlight priming filter vs Seventeen 3 way Primer blushmedo 030516--2 Becca backlight priming filter vs Seventeen 3 way Primer blushmedo 030516-

Becca backlight priming filter vs Seventeen 3 way Primer blushmedo 030516-0688

Have you tried either of these products yet? Let me know what you thought of them.

Thanks for reading!


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