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Blockbuster Pop Brights nail polish collection // Should you?

I am definitely a fan of nail polish. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I change it at least once a week. Either because I get bored of the colour, or because it only lasts 2 days (mostly the latter). I have yet to come across any brand that I prefer, until now that is!

Now, I was always a firm believer that a nail polish should do just two things. Be pretty, last longer than 24hours and not take a million hours to dry. Okay! I know thats 3, but doesn’t everyone feel the same? Your there on your weekly nail routine, you’ve taken ages choosing the colour based on the forthcoming weeks events and also what mood your in. Black for bad bright pink for good and glitter for specials. You get the gist.

Your all finished, tucked up in bed and proud of yourself for making it all the way here without having smudged your nails. Then suddenly, there it is! Half of your newly applied polish. gone!! It’s either disappeared completely, or is kind of hanging on for life on the side of your finger. Sometimes you can save it, but more often than not this is a lose lose situation.

I did a bit of a naughty a few weeks ago and treated myself to some bootiful polishes by the name of the the Blockbuster Pop Brights collection from Ciate. With these polishes you get 10 shades in total and although they are named the brights, I wouldn’t necessarily call them all bright. They are all very beautiful yes, but would you call a dark blue a bright??

When they first arrived, I actually wasn’t sure about them… But once I swatched them, I was sold! They appear a completely different colour on the nail compared to in the bottle.


Sherbet fizz – In the bottle, this looks more of a red than it does on the nail. When applied it is opaque in 2 coats and looks like a pearlised pink. I think its one of the most beautiful in the collection.

Access all areas – I didn’t realise until I applied this colour that it is the most beautiful matte orangey red. It is opaque in just one coat.
Speed dial – Now this one is definitely an orange! It’s not bright as such, but just very orange. This has no shimmer running through it and is opaque in 2 coats. One for the summer months!

Funhouse – As with all glitter polishes, this dries very quickly, but is a bugger to get off! It is not opaque as there is no colour supporting the glitter. It would look beautiful as either an accent nail or over the top of a light colour.

Party Shoes – The same here applies from the one above. but I do feel this one is even more sheer that funhouse.
Mojito – This one is probably my least favourite of the collection. The colour payoff isn’t that great, even with 2 coats. It is a little gloopy to apply (unlike the rest) and personally it isn’t my colour of choice… Idont feel I could pull off a bogey green…

Headliner – A beautiful teal colour, which applies nicely and is opaque in 2 coats. Again, this is not a favourite of mine, but not because of the formula, its just that it’s not my favourite colour in the world.

Monte Carlo – This polish is incredible!! It has flecks of silver, teal and pink in it which contrast against each other so nicely making it really stand out. Once on the nail, it dries very quickly and even though it is a glitter, it does become quite opaque in 2 coats. I know I am contradicting because I said I don’t really love teal, but this is different. (honest…) This is a definite party nail!

Holiday Blues – A turquoise polish, that is very nice and again as with most of the collection is opaque in 2 coats.

Regatta – The only one on the collection that is opaque in just one coat. It is kind of a pearlised polish that appears black, then blue with some blue shimmer running through it depending on how the light catches it. It reminds me of a beautiful night sky.

Overall I would recommend this collection to any nail polish lover. 9 out of the 10 are extremely wearable and have really good formulas. There are definitely some stand outs (as mentioned above), but these are based personal preference and my love for anything shiny/glittery.
I think once you’ve had the patience to sit and wait for your nails to dry, it is worth the wait. The wear time on these is very good indeed. Nearly making it to 4 days! Yes, I did walk around with my nails like this for that long. I did apply both a base and top coat, as I normally would so I could give my full opinion.
What do you think of Ciate nail polishes? Have you tried the Blockbuster Pop Brights collection?
It is available direct from Ciate and retails for £85 here.
Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this blog.
n.b. This is not a sponsored post and any PR samples will be marked with an asterisk (*)

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