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Charlotte Tilbury|Magic Foundation Review

Charlotte Tilbury became popular overnight with her range of lipsticks and specifically her lipsticks. There are currently 2 foundations available in her range. Light Wonder, which is a lighter coverage and this one; Magic Foundation. The name alone is quite a bold statement for a brand who is relatively new to the block. With 15 shades to choose from, ranging from 1 fair to 12 Dark with the same shade having different undertones, you will be sure to find a pretty good match.

Magic Foundation is said to be great for all skin types, but I’m not so sure. It contains ‘hyluronic filling spheres’ which fill with moisture as they are absorbed into the skin, creating a blank canvas and reversing wrinkle grooves. I know they have to find new ways to market products to the masses, but really? With Vitamin C,  a broad spectrum SPF and some apparently amazing skincare built in to this frosted glass bottle. It seems it really is striving to be magic in a bottle.


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The coverage is good, but not full as described. I would say its a medium to build able coverage, but does feel very lightweight on the skin. When applied, it dries down quickly, so you need to get your blend on. Once set, the demi-matte finish works well. But would suit normal/oily skin, as it clings to dry patches and flakes of skin in a very unforgiving way.

One pump of this is enough for my whole face without feeling the need to build it up. The foundation lasts well thought the day managing oil and concealing any discolouration I have. I love this as I know what I’m getting, so feel comfortable using it on days where I will be out and forget to look in the mirror. As I said before, if your skin is flakey this isn’t for you. But, if you skin is in a good state of repair, then this really is beautiful. Natural, but still gives a good amount of coverage. Charlotte Tilbury us available for £29.50 here.


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