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Winter lip saviour|Clarins



I know, I know, I’m really late on the bandwagon with these Clarins Natural lip perfectors. They’ve been around for a good couple of years now and were extremely popular for a while. The reason I never purchased them is because I felt they’re a fancy tinted lip balm and weren’t worth the £18 price tag they cost at the time. Recently, Clarins bought out a new range of shades which makes me think these are still quite popular.

Duty free at the Airport is always a bad idea, especially if your a makeup lover. I can’t remember exactly how much these were, but I think they worked out at around £13 each or something like that. Still quite pricey for a lip gloss..

There are 12ml in each of them which is actually a substantial amount. For comparison, you get 6.6ml in a Kat von D liquid lipstick. They don’t last long on the lips at all, as you would expect. But I’ve found myself reaching for these on a near daily basis when I don’t know what else to wear. Because they are so sheer, having a pink and a peach shade means one of them will go with something.




This formula contains vitamins A and E, Shea butter, wild mango and Liquorice. Luckily you can’t smell or taste the liquorice (I’m not a fan), but just the Shea butter and a slight fruitiness. The scent doesn’t seem to linger on the lips either, so if you don’t like it then it shouldn’t be an issue. With something like this, you are getting really good ingredients that hydrate your lips. Great for someone like me who’s heading closer to 30.

Both of the shade names have shimmer in them, but I personally can’t detect any on the lips. I would say it’s more of a gel like texture with a high shine. Not the kind of sticky where half your head ends up across your face.

I’m glad I picked these up, just in time for Winter. They are available from Escentual for a discounted price of £15.80. So go get ’em.


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