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The line up|Concealers and what I use them for

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Concealer has come a long way since they were first introduced way back. There are different finishes, tones, shades and price points. Here, I have selected a few of the ones I own and will hopefully give you a run down of how I like to use them and why I feel they’re best for that use.

Blog pics blushmedo 200716-

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer [Chantilly]

Nars concealers have been a cult classic for a long time now. They’re highly pigmented and have a huge shade range. This doesn’t mean you should like it though. At £22.50, its the most expensive of the bunch and I find to also be the driest. It does work under the eyes if you put loads on and work quickly before it sets, but overall I wouldn’t recommend it for this. It is great for those pesky spots though, just make sure you use the right colour and nothing lighter than your skin, as this will draw attention to the breakout. Nars creamy concealer is available here for £22.50 for 6ml.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer [shade 2]

I have both shades 1 and 2 in this as I use them for different things. Shade 2 (pictured) is great fro breakouts or just some extra coverage around the nose, chin or forehead area and shade 1 is what I use for under the eyes. As with the Nars, this can be on the dry side, so is suited to those with normal to oily skin. However, I have dry skin and it works great as long as I hydrate my skin enough beforehand. I find I only need a light dusting of powder on top of this, otherwise it can look cake through the day. At least on me.  This is one I normally reach for everyday because I know what to expect from it and at only £4.19, it’s worth a go. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is available from Boots.

Mac Pro LongWear Concealer [NW15]

Mac Cosmetics needs no introduction and even if your new to makeup, you would have heard of them. They were the ones that used to blow everyone else out of the water back in the day. Nowadays, I find there are only a handful of products I would purchase from them, as they can be a bit pricey.

Their Pro Longwear Concealer is a favourite amongst many makeup enthusiasts and for good reason. It feels hydrating on the skin and covers nearly anything you like. Some people have reported it looking cakey on them, but I haven’t noticed this problem at all. I reach for this when I want something that looks flawless and will stay put all day or night. I normally bake with this under my eyes as I find it helps it to stay put. The price of this, as with all Mac products is mid range at £18 for 9ml available at Debenhams.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer [010 Ivory]

I love this concealer when I’m looking for a more lightweight finish and something that is more hydrating that the rest of the high street ones I own is this one. This one is definitely more suited to the under eye area as opposed to blemishes. The coverage won’t hide endless sleepless nights, but will give you a very fresh look that works with any foundation. One thing I have found with this, is I think it oxidises (goes darker) on my skin. The one I have s the lightest shade so can be a pain in Winter when I’m a paler shade of white. Other than that, this is great. Suited to mature skin and also to teens who don’t need a lot of coverage. Rommel Wake Me Up Concealer is available for £5.49 for 7ml from Boots.(Currently on a buy 1 get 2nd half price)

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD [Porcelain]

I got this and a couple of the other shades because people were raving about them. It just doesn’t have any coverage for me. I have yet to replicate the full face using only these, so will report back if I change my mind. I haven’t experimented with it loads yet as my first impression really put me off and I have since heard lots of reports of people being allergic to the ingredients in them. So if you decide to try this, please be careful. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD is available for £5 for 8g from Beauty bay.

Mac Select Moisture Cover Concealer [NW15]

Firstly can we talk about how different the colours of the two Mac concealers are, even though they are the same shade?.. This is because the Moisture Cover Concealer is designed specifically for under the eyes. The salmon tone helps to cancel out any dark circles you have and this is the same for any concealer you may own. This one is absolutely perfect for under the eyes and i have used it on lots of people when I have done their makeup. It’s definitely one for a natural everyday look as apposed to an Instagram worthy selfie. But for someone who lives in the real world I will give this 5*. It’s really hydrating on the skin, light feeling and can be built up slightly without looking like you’ve plastered it on. Mac Select Moisture Cover is available for £16 for 5ml from Debenhams.

After being on the hunt for the perfect concealer for a couple of years, I think I have realised that there isn’t one. Different types of skin need different ingredients and different people prefer different finishes. I like to change it up daily, so that’s why I have an obscene amount and am still experimenting with what works for me. Makeup is fun and if it doesn’t work for you when it’s raved about. That’s ok. As I said above, anything that has a salmon tone in it will cancel dark circles under the eyes. Anything that has a yellow tone to it, will brighten the area. You can totally use two concealers if you need to colour correct first. Just find what works best for you.

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