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The Eclectic Book List | 2017

While the nights are still dark and the days still cold. It’s the perfect opportunity to stay in and make the most of it. A few years ago, it would take me 3 days to read a whole book from start to finish. Somehow, those days are gone and I barely find the time to read 10 pages a night. So this year, I want to get back into it again. Instead of slobbing on the sofa watching TV, I’m going to read.

I have already started, but theres been a problem. I have started 2 of these books and not finished them. All three of these are completely different types and genre and everything. I honestly think it comes down to making the time. Not waiting for the time to come to you.

Pretty Iconic – Sali Hughes

This is the one I haven’t started yet, but am so excited to. I’d rather not start yet another book without finishing the other two. This one is less of a story, but more of a look into the history of beauty. There are over 200 products listed in this book. Having flicked through few of the pages, there are clearly lots of things to be learnt from this beauty bible. If you grew up in the UK, there are lots of these things you will remember and even cringe at using in your blue eyeshadow days. As quoted by Caroline Hirons, ‘If you are female and have skin you need this book’. Available here priced at £12.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

If you asked me why I bought this book. I could wholeheartedly tell you the one and only reason is because I fell in love with the cover. Not only that, but I paid £15 for it from the local bookstore instead of getting it for a tenner from Amazon. Because of that, I had to read it.

This is nothing like I expected. It’s not a story about Love. Probably best described as a feel good self help book. But not like you imagined. I am currently on page 101 of 273 and have so far really enjoyed what I’ve read. The nice thing about it, is there is no story to follow and you take bits and pieces away from it as you please.

Big Magic is a book for people who feel like they’re in a bit of a rut. This could be financially, work related or any other way you imagine. When reading this, it makes all the bad decisions and the what if’s feel as though they were meant to be. As I said, this is not a book that fits into a genre. But definitely take a peek if you happen to see it. You might see what Big Magic is all about… Available here for £8.99.

The Essex Serpent – Sarah Perry

The last one is a good ol’ fashioned story book. Set in the late 1800’s about a girl who is widowed and moves to the coast. Becoming the person she was meant to be and having an amazing story to go with it. There is love, wit and science and tales an Essex Serpent. Again though. The cover is a beaut isn’t it.. Something that makes a difference to me is the writer now resides in Norwich. The local Waterstones have a little window display all about her and I think that’s really sweet. If books set in history are your thing, this is bound to be a win. Available here for £10.

If you know any books that you think would appeal to me. Please let me know, as I would love to give them a look. Also, if you liked this post, please follow me on Bloglovin.


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