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Essie Gel Couture | My current collection

I’m not one of those people who sticks to one brand of nail polish. I like what I like and it doesn’t matter if it costs £1 or £20. For many years, I used Barry M, as it was the cheapest and had the widest colour selection available in store. That is – until I discovered the new Essie Gel Couture range. I received 2 colours and their top coat as a present for my birthday last year. Since then, I was hooked.

At the Barre

A nude shade, that actually appears much more peach than I thought it would. Honestly, on my pasty skin this shade isn’t that flattering. But am looking forward to seeing what it looks like with a bit of a tan. It goes on nice and opaque in 1 coat, but I prefer to do 2 – just to make sure. I love the shine on this particular polish and the fact it has no shimmer to it.

Make the Cut

I throw this colour on when I don’t know what to choose. It is a very cool toned pale taupe shade, but reminds me of a champagne colour because of the subtle shimmer in it. This one takes 2 coats, but I find it dries faster than some of the others. I don’t know whether this is to do with the shimmer or not. My go-to colour for when I’m having an identity crisis.

Touch Up

This is one of the shades I received for my birthday and until winter was probably my most worn. I would call this the perfect mauve pink blush. Touch up would flatter a majority of skin tones and add a bit of somethin’ somethin’ without being OTT. If your a blush lover, this one is for you.

The IT Factor

Bright barbie pink. That is all.

Spiked with Style

It was Christmas and I was 18years old. This was the year I was lucky enough to encounter my first bottle of Chanel nail polish. Not only that, but it was Rouge Noir. This has been a staple in Chanels’ collection for many years. Since then, I have realised that their nail polish formula isn’t actually that great. So I have been on the hunt for something similar for nearly 10 years. Say What?!!

Spiked with style is much more red than Chanel’s, but it has a richness about it that I loved all throughout winter. I’ve since seen that Wicked from Essie’s normal polish range is an amazing dupe. So I shall be picking that up in September.

The Top Coat

This is, by far, THE best top coat I have ever used! It makes any polish last at least 3 days without chipping and the shine!!! At £10 a bottle, it’s a bit up there. But in my opinion, worth every penny. Mine has lasted a good 8 months and I will repurchase when I run out.


On a side note, this post may seem a bit irrelevant to those of you that know me. I currently have acrylic nails on, but I purposefully have them nude so I can paint them when I get bored. My Essie Gel Couture collection is getting as much use as it ever was. The formula is chip proof and so so shiny, even without a top coat. What’s not to love? Essie have recently released a new selection of spring shades. Let me know if you pick any of them up.


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