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Too Faced|Sweet Peach Palette is back!

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I have never owned any of Too Faced eyeshadow palettes. There was so much hype around the Sweet Peach Palette, with both good and bad points. Too Faced have just announced that it’s coming back. Which is good news if you didn’t have a chance the first time round. I was lucky enough to get this for my birthday back in July and as it was out if stock everywhere, I didn’t think it was fair to write a post about something you couldn’t buy. But now it’s back, so am I.

As with all of their palettes, the case is metal. Great for travel, storage and basically anything you throw at it. It has a magnetic closure and opens out to about 120°, so is the perfect angle for makeup application. The mirror isn’t very big, as they have put the Sweet Peach logo over the bottom bit. I think they could have made this smaller. The shadows do actually smell like peach. For me, that’s a nice gimmick, but realistically you can’t smell whats on your eyes.

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You get 10 shimmer shades and honestly, I’ve seen more pigmented ones from other brands on the market. Candied peach and Talk Dirty to Me are the only two with glitter in. Only a tiny amount of glitter actually transfers onto the lid, but does show up a little better when used with a wet brush. The rest are matte, which isn’t enough in my opinion. All in all, the shadows are soft. But massively lack in pigmentation and on me, blend into nothing.

Ascetically, this palette is pretty. But being named Sweet Peach, I personally think it hasn’t got many peach shades at all.. There are pretty much 2 that are and the rest are a mix of browns, purple and green. I struggle to come up with looks in the palette that don’t end up looking muddy. So, if you struggle with the same issue, this palette probably isn’t for you.

I’m really upset about having to be so negative in a review, but priced at around £39 I think your money can be better spent on one of their other offerings. But, if you have your heart set on it. Too faced have said the palette will be available to purchase ready for Christmas. I would expect it to restocked around October/November time. So get ready, as this will fly off the shelves.

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