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Fall into Frost|Morphe Bruhses 35F Palette

Morphe Brushes are an American brand that exploded onto the makeup scene a couple of years ago. I own a few palettes and quite a lot of brushes from them. I have found that their shimmers and satin shades are amazing quality. The pigment and texture of them are relatively easy to work with to create either an intense look or more of a subtle shine on the lid. As for their matte shades, I personally feel they can be a bit hit and miss. But for the price of their products, thats not something I would complain about. They just take a bit more time to blend out.

I picked the 35F palette up just before Christmas when I was lucky enough to find it in stock on Beauty Bay.  As always it arrived in the blink of an eye and I couldn’t wait to actually use it. The colours in this palette are right up my street with warm golds and copper shades. If you have a pale complexion or blue coloured eyes, this is one for you.

As with their other palettes, the colour they are in the palette are a bit different from how they look once swatched or applied to the eyelid. Such as the end shades in the 3rd row appear almost purple in the pan, but copper on the lid. All of the colours in this palette are usable and there isn’t one I wouldn’t use.

I have included some swatches in natural light so you can see the true colour. If warm tones are your kettle of fish, then I would check this out when the hype has died down. Cult Beauty do also stock Morphe, but you can always check back until it’s back in stock.

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