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As Sunday rolls around again, this is the day I usually wash my makeup brushes. When I first started getting into beauty, I never used to think about washing them. But as I used different brushes for different colours/eye looks, I feel much much better if I have squeaky clean brushes on a Monday morning. There are a couple of things that have made this process much quicker than when I first started washing them in soap and water. Firstly there is whats called a brush egg. I got this partiular one from an ebay shop, about a year ago. Way before Makeup Revolution jumped on the band wagon. I stumbled across it as I had heard about the mitt that Sigma does, but isn’t readily available in the UK. This led me to good old ebay.Dr Bronners Magic Soap and Brush egg blushmedo 071115-4-2

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As I said, MUR now sell these handy cleaning tools which are readily available in Superdrug. So it’s completely up to you as to where you get one, but it has changed my brush cleaning life. I soak my brushes in a little pot with some liquid soap (I’ll go into that in a mo), then use the brush egg swirling my brushes in circular motions. I tend to use the grooves for larger brushes and the top bit for shadow and smaller brushes.
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However, this baby is on another level! I randomly picked this up from TK Maxx for £3.99, as I though it would be good for this job and boy was I right (for once). You need the smallest amount to clean powder from my brushes and I do like to make sure my foundation and cream ones get a good deep clean so I tend to give them a double wash.You can either do it the pot way, or for stubborn ones I apply the soap straight to the brush egg, give it a couple of swishes and voila! Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps are available in lots of different scents. But I particularly like this one for some reason, as it smells clean as well. Probably just me then… Also, I really like the design of the bottle and last but not least, have a read of the bottle. I really like the slogans and quotes they put on.
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The larger 945ml is available here from Look Fantastic for £12.99.  But I would check out your local TK Maxx and see what they have available in store. I’m not sure if there is much price difference though, so have a nosey.
What’s your favourite brush washing routine? Let me know either in the comments or on twitter @blushmedo .
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