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What I got for my Birthday|2016

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It’s official, I am no longer in my early or even mid-twenties. But because I don’t feel it, maybe it doesn’t mean that I am actually that old?.. Anyway, I love reading or hearing about what people got for their birthdays, so thought I would take a few pics and put something together for you to have a gander at.

My main and most exciting present is that I am going to be starting a make-up course at the Norwich School of Beauty in September. I’m really nervous right now, but I’m sure once I get into it, I will be fine. By doing the course, I can be ‘qualified’ meaning I can be properly insured for clients and also have more knowledge on the subject such as skin disorders, different types of makeup and also how to assess peoples faces properly. I will probably be doing a few posts on it. I’ll have to see how much content I have as to whether or not I’ll do just one or a few. But I will definitely give you an update.

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Blog pics blushmedo 200716-1922

My friend SJ got me a liquid lipstick by The Balm, in the shade committed and it is the perfect neutral nude shade. I will be doing a blog post soon, so be sure to keep an eye out. She also got me a few things from Lush and I’m really excited to try them because I haven’t used these ones before. She got me a silk wrap which I tried using in my hair which looked nice, but my hair is too fine. I will keep trying and let you know if I come up with anything. The flamingo is a bubble bar and the other one is a scrub. Another post I will be doing is on hand care. I got 3 new polishes from Essie’s new ‘gel’ collection and obviously painted my nails immediately. I’m in love with this lavender shade and will let you know how it wears with the top coat on. I’m also going to include some other things that I love for nail care. I always share my posts on instagram and Facebook, so follow me here to stay updated. I’m working on setting up a newsletter style subscription which I hope to have up in the next month. Which will be great for letting readers of my blog know when I update my blog.

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Blog pics blushmedo 200716-1939

I hope you enjoyed reading about a few of the things I got for my birthday. There are lots of posts coming your way about a lot of these beautiful things I was lucky enough to get. I have been very spoilt and can’t wait to start using and reviewing them all for you! It’s my fave part of the whole blogging experience.


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