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The leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in and the sun is definitely not around as much. But I for one, am not willing to let go of my ‘sunkissed’ glow.
I just wanted to show you these two beauties. Both I have loved, but for different reasons.
Clarins and NYC bronzer makeup blushmedo 030116-3

The Big Bold bronzer from NYC is amazing in my opinion. As it isn’t too terracotta, but has just the right amount of warmth to it to fake a tan. I’ve been applying this to the top of my forehead, then dragging it down onto my cheeks and using it as a warm blush.
I’ve been using this solidly for the last month or so and it has really good staying power. I don’t use a primer, only foundation and sometimes not even powder. The colour I use is ManhaTan 601, which I have always bought in store from Superdrug. I can’t find a link for it on their website, but you can get it from Amazon here for £3.99. Which for the size and formulation of this product, is pretty awesome.
Clarins and NYC bronzer makeup blushmedo 030116-2
The Clarins Summer Bronzing Compact, from the Aquatic Treasures collection. Unlike the NYC bronzer, was limited edition. Some of the Clarins bronzers are really beautiful with their intricate designs on the surface.
I like this one in particular, as it contains 4 bronzer shades can be used on most skin shades. Or you can swirl your brush round to get a deep terracotta shade.Clarins and NYC bronzer makeup blushmedo 030116-4

Clarins and NYC bronzer makeup blushmedo 030116-6
They are both on the large size, so not so great for travel. Most bronzers of this style are mahoosive. Can anyone explain why this is? baffled.. The NYC bronzer is amazing quality for the price and even the packaging isn’t bad. For more moola, you get better packaging, but not necessarily a better formulation. It all comes down to personal preference. I always say, go and swatch your heart out till you’ve got no arm left and then decide what it is about makeup that floats your boat.

Anyone else not ready to embrace the full on pale yet? Maybe next month…

Thanks for reading!

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