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Jeffree Star | Lip Ammunition in Unicorn Blood


Jeffree Star is a bit like marmite. Or you’ve never heard of him. I personally don’t like him as a person, but he does make some really good products. I have one of his liquid lipsticks and apart from the applicator being a little big, the actual formula is pretty amazing. He announced that he was releasing a range of lipsticks named ‘lip ammunition’. I decided to get one, just to see what the formula was like. Unicorn blood is a beautiful shade and one I wear on a regular basis in his liquid formulation.

The packaging is nothing special. Especially for the same price as a MAC lipstick. Pink is a colour that Jeffree Star is all about and if you’ve ever seen a picture of him, you’ll know what I mean. In a way it kind of resembles what makeup is all about – FUN!



I have tried to wear this a few times and haven’t ever felt comfortable enough to actually leave the house. I have worn the liquid lipstick version numerous times. The risk that it will smear across my face is just too high for me. Celebrity skin is next on my list as I feel this will be easier to pull off. Being such a dark shade also means it needs a good couple of swipes before the colour is completely opaque. As for the formula, it feels nice on the lips. Not the most moisturising lipstick I have ever tried – also not drying either. Would I recommend these lipsticks? Yes I would. Is it the most amazing ground breaking formula or packaging I have ever seen? Absolutely not. If you are a fan of Jeffree Star and love packaging thats a bit different, they’re not bad at all. Available here from Beauty Bay priced at £16.


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