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Limited Edition Jouer Lip Creme|The Best of Nudes Mini Gift Set



Another day, another Christmas gift set. Not only is it a mini set, but it might be liquid lipsticks. Jouer calls them Lip Creme’s. Same difference. I currently own 3 of their shades – Dulce de Leche, Lychee and Citronade Rose. I used to own Papaye, but sold is as I haven’t been brave enough to wear it. The formula of these is how I would imagine a liquid lipstick to be. It’s thin and something I like is they haven’t covered up the natural scent of the product with a weird concoction of vanilla something. They don’t smell bad, but it is something to get used to.

There are 8 deluxe sample sizes of their most popular nude shades, along with the much loved Papaye and the lip topper Skinny Dip. As you may notice, there are only 7 lip swatches.. It turns out when doing products from a circle, it’s easy to forget where you started. I put a dab of skinny dip in the centre of Creme Brûlée (last picture). I don’t know what I expected, but it doesn’t dry down and if you don’t get enough product on the wand, it smears the liquid lipstick underneath. But, used as a centre highlight situation, it works really well.


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In The Box

Each Lip Creme is 4ml, compared to the 6ml full size is an absolute bargain. The shape of the tube means it takes a lot more product to fill it up. That’s why it looks as though your getting much less than other products of a similar price. But if you look at it in ml, your getting better bang for your buck with Jouer.

I picked mine up from Cult Beauty and from what I understand, they are getting one more restock in the next couple of days. After that, it’ll be gone forever. As this set is all nude, I don’t feel there is a colour I wouldn’t wear to work. Or if I’m feeling fancy, do some kind of Ombre lip. Get it now before it’s gone forever.

The Jouer Best of Nudes – Mini Gift Set is available from Cult beauty ( join the waitlist) for just £34 for a total of 32ml. Compared to £15 for 6ml normally.



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