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Kat von D | Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette | with swatches



It’s been a little bit cray cray on the old eyeshadow palette front recently. Not only with well timed releases, but also the temptation to buy them is pretty strong lately. One of these is the Kat von D – Metal Matte palette. There are 9 beautiful metal crush shadows that are all amazing quality and look like liquid metal on the lid, even when you use a dry brush. The mattes are the quality you’d expect from Kat. Blendable, stupidly pigmented and an amazing colour range. I love that even though the shades in this palette are very jewel toned. There are so many great transition shades and every single colour works well together. One of the few palettes I own that completely holds it’s own with endless options at your brush hairs.

The only thing I’m not a fan of is the cardboard packaging. I just feel that it wouldn’t travel very well. Even if I were to addd this to my Makeup Artist kit, the likelihood of the shadows breaking or the lid randomly flipping open would be quite high. I know she is coming out with a new packaging for her contour palette, including refillable pans. I think it’s a great idea and is a shame she didn’t start with this one.

Maybe I should mention just how big this actually is… It’s freaking HUGE! I forgot to take a comparison size picture, so measured it and it’s 29cm long and 9cm wide. I have never seen another palette that big. As always, the design is really different. It took me a while to notice that depending on which way round the palette is, it says both metal and matte on the front. A lot of thought went into the details of it, which is something not all brands do.

Each shadow pan contains 1.7g of product, so across 22 pans thats 37.4g of product. Compared to just 16.98g in her Shade and Light eye palette. For just £2 extra that makes this palette an absolute steal at £2.27 per shadow.




Having used this palette a few times now, the colours I reach for most aren’t actually the browns or cool nudes. I love the shades Moss, Nebula and Velour. Tinsel and Glitz are the ones that surprised me the most from the metal crush shadows. The picture doesn’t do them justice at all. You could totally use Glitz as a highlight, as the sheen on it is blinding. Because they are so richly pigmented, some of the brighter shades will stain your eyelid. So definitely make sure you used a good base such as NYX Eyeshadow base on top of your primer before you apply them.

Having bought a couple go palettes recently, this is the one that surprised me the most. The colours appear much more wearable than they do in the palette and last a long time on the lid without the colour changing or becoming less pigmented.

You can pick up the Kat Von D Metal Matte palette from Debenhams now. Priced at £50, this is an investment, but one that I would definitely recommend none the less.


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