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L’oreal|Cushion Nude Magique Foundation

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During the summer months (which is officially from tomorrow!!), I find makeup is about finding a balance of products that can withstand sweat, hats, sunglasses and all of this while still looking natural and dewy. A whole new breed of foundations has hit the market over the last year to cater to that summer look and are available in a range of finishes and shades. There are even cushion bronzers! The world is going crazy for this spongie goodness. I’m here today to talk to you specifically about the L’oreal Cushion Nude Magique Foundation , which is a ridiculously long name. I’m pretty sure me and the majority of the beauty population refer to it as the Loreal Lumi Foundation, or just Lumi Cushion foundation.

The size of the compact is comparable to a loose powder and inside you have two compartments. Firstly, there is a mirror which I feel is a pretty good size then housed in the top compartment is the sponge that you get that you use to apply the product. Obviously I’m impatient and had to use this as soon as I got it, so you can clearly see that I for some unknown reason managed to get the product onto the top of the applicator, probably from pressing it too hard into the sponge. L’oreal suggest using this to apply in a ‘tap-tap’ motion to your face, giving a flawless finish. You can also wash the applicator and let it air dry completely before using it and having tried a few ways of applying this product, I found that using the provided applicator to get it onto my face (which I feel is more hygienic than using my beauty blender), which is what I use to blend out the product. It does also work really well with a brush, but I did find that when I used a stippling brush instead of a more dense one I got a very light coverage as opposed to using something like a buffing brush to blend it out. If you feel like the foundation sponge is drying out, you can always turn the sponge around to get the most use out of the product.

I would agree that it is definitely a light coverage with the ability to build it up to somewhere near a medium, but nothing above that. If this product came in a bottle, I imagine it would be quite a liquid consistency, which is why I think it works so well in a sponge. In the swatch picture below, I have attempted to build up the foundation on the right and this is what it turned out like. To me, it doesn’t look any different, but on the face you can get a bit more if you blend it in and let it ‘set’ before applying more and I think this is why it also works well if applied to touch up throughout the day on top of makeup.

20-05-2016 blog photos blushmedo 180516-0774 20-05-2016 blog photos blushmedo 180516-0776 Boreal Lumi Cushion Foundation blushmedo 190516--6

I really like this foundation and it is quickly becoming one of my favourites for an everyday look and the fact that it’s so compact is a massive plus for me. The coverage is very natural and I think it looks best after a couple of hours wear. I got mine from Boots when it was on offer, but you can get it here and normally retails for £14.99, so not the cheapest on the market, but in my opinion it is worth every penny. There are 7 shades available in the range, so not the most amazing collection, but because of it’s coverage, I think it would work on lots of different skin tones. L’oreal say it is suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types, but as I am a dry gal this appeals to me because of its dewy finish, as for more oily peeps I’m not sure how it would fair throughout the day.

Have you tried this yet? Or do you have any other brands? Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and hope your having a beaut of a day! Did I mention British Summer time begins tomorrow?…


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