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How many brushes do you need?|Foundation edition


With the makeup world being so easily accessible and companies bringing out products what feels like everyday. I think sometimes the average Joe who doesn’t have to buy extra storage for makeup gets left behind. I wanted to write something that people found helpful and would be able to get something from. I’m going to give you the low down on foundation brushes. With so many out there and with makeup being such a fast paced industry, the companies sometimes forget to explain what the hell they’re actually for and assume were all qualified makeup artists. So lets get

The Original Foundation Brush

Here we have the one that started it all. The flat foundation brush. This one you literally use like you would a paint brush. Starting from the centre of the face, brush away and down to create an even base. If you are experiencing streaks, then you’ve got too much product on the brush. This isn’t my personal favourite at all. I think brushes have come a long way since the mac 190 foundation brush.


The Stippling Brush

A couple of years ago, I went through a stage where I used nothing but this brush. I have since learnt that there are things beyond it, so moved on. Maybe its because I was younger and fresher faced, that this brush worked for me? A stippling brush gives a light-medium coverage on average. As the bristles are further apart, the product seeps into the brush never to be seen again. Using this brush is great if you tend to be a bit heavy handed with the foundation. Especially in winter when it’s so dark. This brush can be used in strokes like the original brush, but works best when used in small circular motions. I think I need to give this one another go..



The Buffing Brush

Now. I don’t want to confuse you, but both of the above brushes are buffing brushes. I have no idea why they are, as in my opinion, they are completely different. The top one is a great all rounder. It works for powder, liquid and cream products. Blending everything in seamlessly. I particularly like this one for cream blush. The bristles are what I would call a medium density, meaning you don’t lose so much product into the brush as you would if the bristle were further apart. This one, as the last works best in circular motions. to really get the foundation into the skin. Making it stay put for longer.

The second brush in this little category is by Zoeva and goes by the name of the defined buffing brush. The bristles are actually the same as the first one, but are angled, so I guess the idea is that it’s easier to get into the nooks and crannies.


The Artis Dupe

The last and most recent purchase is a take on the Artis brush. I picked up the whole set of these a few months back for around £15 and I have to say, they’re worth every penny. I don’t reach for the smaller ones which are for the eyes. But the largest 3 or 4, I use regularly. Because the brush is so dense, the product is spread across the face quickly and without any buffing of rubbing. Apart form my Beauty Blender, this is my preferred choice of foundation application.

This budget version of the Artis, is a bit flimsy on the neck so a bit of finesse is required when cleaning them. Also, they take forever to dry. I leave them 24 hours and if the weather isn’t that warm, they can sometime take a bit longer to dry completely. There are many versions of this brush available on the market and I would recommend giving them a go.

There is no right or wrong way to apply your foundation. Be it with a brush, sponge or your fingers. Do whatever works for you. Different products work well with different applications, so it’s just trial and error. Don’t feel as though you have to apply it one way, just because the industry tells you too. You can face plant the stuff if thats your jam. The main thing is, you feel good about yourself. The brushes I have here are the complete list. There are endless possibilities.

I will be doing a post soon on how to keep your brushes clean and how often to do the dreaded task. So keep an eye out for that.

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