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The mat that’s changed my brushes life | Sigma

Personally I have never actually minded cleaning my makeup brushes. I get my iPad, put on some youtube and get my wash on. Before this, I had one of those little brush eggs from eBay. Great if your cleaning a couple of eye brushes, but for the bigger face brushes – it wasn’t cutting it.

I asked santa (aka SJ) for this for Christmas and was so excited to use it. It basically consists of 2 mains sections -one for face brushed and one for small/eye brushes. The only thing I have found is that if you don’t have a mixer tap wherever you wash your brushes, it doesn’t work to it’s full potential. Also, using hot water will melt the mat. I repeat. It WILL melt the mat. So this is something to bare in mind and maybe look at getting the mitt version instead.

Ideally, you should on average clean your makeup brushes once a week. This is especially important if you use different products on a  daily basis. This stops bacteria breeding and helps keep your skin free from spots and the like. Makeup Artists wash their brushes after every client and will spot clean them between if they are unable to wash them. Just like you wouldn’t want them to use dirty brushes on you. You should not do it to yourself. Baby shampoo is fine for this, so it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Just something gentle, even your own shampoo would be fine.


I have been using this mat for a month now and have used it more than a handful of times. If you own a few brushes, this is a life saver. There are 6 suction pads on the bottom that stick to your sink and even the shower if you like. No matter how hard you rub (you shouldn’t though). If you are in any doubt about where to wash what. The Sigma brush cleaning mat is clearly labelled, meaning your less likely to ruin your brushes.

Honestly, if you don’t own loads of makeup brushes. You probably don’t need this and can get away with a mitt or one of the brush eggs. But if you collection is ever expanding like me. I would recommend this without a doubt. It creates less mess and takes half the time to clean them. The Sigma brush mat is available here for £19.50.


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