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Maybelline|LINErefine liquid liner review

maybelline linerefine liquid liner blushmedo 200816-0088

I’m just going to put it out there, that I genuinely thought every liquid liner on the market was made to achieve a wing/cat flick. They’re not. Well, this one is the first one I have come across that isn’t. Maybelline LINErefine- Liner express is one that I had never ever heard of. I couldn’t tell you if it’s an old product or if it’s just been launched. But, being the sucker I am, I bought it without any research. Don’t be me. Don’t do that.

The Product

The product is housed in the silver part of the tube and contains a little ball which you violently shake around before application. That means, of course that the black end is all handle. In my opinion a bit of a waste of plastic. In the picture, it looks as if the tip is really small and pointed. It’s not. I think it’s a kind of sponge as you can bend it from the base, but still somehow manages to hold its shape and not fly out in every direction.


maybelline linerefine liquid liner blushmedo 200816-0090 maybelline linerefine liquid liner blushmedo 200816-0093

One of the things I do really like about this is the colour. Nowadays, it’s not very often you find a liner that is as black as this, unless you use a sharpie. Even though the formula is pretty watery, I wouldn’t say it makes it any harder to use. The applicator soaks up quite a lot of product and I haven’t had any problems with it dripping. Drying time is a bit of a pain in the arse though. Your probably looking at around 5 mins for it to completely dry.

If the liquid liner your looking for is to achieve a fleeky wing, this isn’t for you. But if your still rocking the emo look, this is amazing and does have really good staying power. I don’t hate it, but it’s absolutely not my favourite at all. As we speak, it’s living it’s last days in the liner graveyard. So say a little prayer for it.


As always, I’m still on the hunt for a liner thats black and pointed. So leave your recommendations below. Thanks for reading! If you liked this post, you can follow me here for new ones twice a week.


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