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Merry Christmas|My wish list

Christmas is officially here and not in the I get to put my tree up way. It’s actually here!! Well – tomorrow. I thought I would do a post on things that I have asked for or would like to get for Christmas. FYI, not all of these things will be under the tree. That would be a tad excessive.

I’ll begin with something that I will probably get next year at some point. For me, I would say it’s a must. Others would definitely disagree. I’m talking about the shamazzing hollywood mirror from DiamondXCollection. They range in price, but this one is £400. Perhaps a luxury, but I’d say it’s a small price to pay for good makeup application.


The next thing I would love is something to do with blogging. It’s a new lens for my much loved Olympus PEN epl8 camera. When I was looking at my camera, I tested out this lens and it takes the most amazing macro shots. The background becomes all blurry and beautiful. The only downside is the size isn’t very versatile. The whole point of a bridge camera is the ability to fit in a handbag and unlike the kit lens, this one doesn’t go any smaller that what you see here. I’m sure at some point I’ll find one that suits my needs, but haven’t as yet.



Last but not least is a product that no-one can say they need. It’s definitely more of a want. The Dyson hairdryer was sent to a couple of the beauty bloggers and I must admit. After trying it out in John Lewis, it’s soooo good. If I had endless amounts of money, I would get this in a flash. It’s really quiet and has more power than a normal hairdryer. They are available from Dyson or John lewis priced at an eye watering £299.




Along with the rest of the UK, I love getting the obligatory PJ’s and socks on Christmas day. My favourite thing is putting all the new stuff on and parading around the house like an idiot. There isn’t so much carnage these days. I’m more of an open one then tidy the rubbish up. As I get older, Christmas definitely isn’t what it used to be. In some ways, I actually enjoy it more. I make the most of the rubbish TV and spending time with the people I love. I hope you all do the same and enjoy the ‘calorie free’ chocolate that comes with it.


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