Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation | The Review

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Can we first talk about dust? Where the hell does it come from so fast? I had dusted prior to taking these pics…. #bloggerproblems

Now that I’ve cleared that up, lets talk about Nars Luminous Weightlous Foundation . I was in London when this was first released, so trotted down to Selfridges and got it slapped on my face. I decided not to invest there and then, I wanted to see how it faired throughout the day. I was honestly disappointed… It clung to my dry patches, oxidised and went extremely patchy. Not what I expected from such a hyped up product.

However, recently I gave this another go. My friends sister is as much of a makeup fanatic as me. She happened to have this, I tried it and to my surprise, I loved it! It sat beautifully on my skin, didn’t oxidise and generally made me look less ill than I was. (I had sinusitis at the time). When I got home, I decided it was time.
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I love, love, love the packaging of this foundation! It’s so sleek, with frosted glass and matte black lid. As you can see from the photos, the lid does have it’s drawbacks. It’s not a massive issue for me, as it’s easily cleaned. Also – note the pump. Finally!
I got this is the shade Light 2 Mont Blanc. It appears a little darker in the photo than it is in real life. It’s a really nice consistency, not at all runny and blends in really well. I use probably one and a half pumps for my whole face, but I do prefer a little more coverage.

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In my opinion, it is a little more forgiving on people with normal to oily skin, rather than those with dry patches. Nothing that a good moisturiser can’t sort. You can pick this up here  from Look Fantastic for £32. For me, the hardest part of choosing a foundation is choosing the correct shade. Especially as not everyone lives in or near London (as the cosmetic industry seems to believe we do).

Thanken you for reading! I really appreciate it.

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