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NYX Lingerie|Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks seem to have been the ‘thing’ to do this year and it all started with Anastasia Beverly Hills which weren’t really available in the UK for a long time, then Colourpop came along with their interpretation and then every man and his dog jumped on the band wagon. All trying their best to create a formulation which didn’t make your lips feel like you’d used a cheese grater on them by the end of the day, but still staying put through vigorous wear in everyday life. With makeup becoming so popular through Youtube and Social Media, I fell brands are under more pressure than ever before to be better than the rest and with so much exposure on the internet, that can be quite hard to achieve.NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks blushmedo 200316-0184Anyway, lets get back to what I’m actually talking about today -NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks. There are 12 shades available in the range and they are all nude, so hopefully there should be one to suit every skin tone.  I picked up the 2 shades Baby Doll and Push Up, which I had to purchase online thanks to the closest NYX being a billion miles away (although, they do seem to be expanding into boots across the country, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed). Push up is the darker of the two and the one I have gotten the most wear out of recently. I would say that both the shades I went for are a cool toned nude, which is way out of my comfort zone as they can make me look half dead. They have both worked really well, but as with any liquid lipstick I would definitely put on a lip balm and a lip liner before applying as they can make your lips dry out. I feel Baby Doll made my lips look particularly dry for some reason, but maybe I was having a bad lip day? On the plus side, these are perfect shades and finish for throwing on in a hurry and thanks to the whipped texture of them, they’re nice and easy to apply. It also means that you can clean up the edges before it dries unlike other liquid lipsticks which can dry too quickly. They do take quite a long time to dry completely, but once they are, they do feel ‘dry’. I’d advise that you don’t make the mistake I did and rub your lips together as this can make them look all flakey and just feels awful. So don’t do that.

The applicator is actually one of my favourite things about these. It’s really squishy, but also allows you get get a really precise application and seems to hold the perfect amount of product for one application. They’re also really opaque in one swipe (see picture), which is a bonus for any liquid lipstick because it means you don’t overapply and won’t dry your lips out more than they need to be. The packaging isn’t anything out of the ordinary, the product is housed in a plastic tube that you would find any other lipgloss or other lip product of the same nature housed in.

From NYX’s Snapchat I’ve seen they have a few more amazing releases coming up and I think as a brand I haven’t really tried any of their lip products that I didn’t like. NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks blushmedo 200316-0186NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks blushmedo 200316-0186NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks blushmedo 200316-The things that I like most about the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks is the applicator, the smooth whipped texture, the opacity and the longevity is up there to. Just bare in mind that your lips might not look so moisturised the day after wearing these, but if thats the only downside then thats a win for me. If you don’t have a NYX stand near you then these are available online from Boots and retail for £6.50.

What are your favourite shades from the range?


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