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For once in my life I was quick off the mark on a new launch, but not so quick to blog about it… Sorry. This box is one of the latest offerings from Latest in Beauty in a collab with British beauty blogger and Origins. Jane is one of the original bloggers and offers up some great content. Not only that, but she puts out so many about upcoming releases and gives a really detailed view of the products instead of just pretty pictures and that it’s nice.

This has to be one of the best value for money boxes I have ever seen and what I love about these is they give you a chance to try out new products without paying over the odds if you don’t love them. Multi-masking has become more and more popular over the past couple of years as we have learnt that our face isn’t suffering from just one thing. Mine for instance is dehydrated, with the odd breakout and dry patches. But can also become oily depending on the weather and my diet.

In the box you get 8 of their products to try out. But as I haven’t had the box for a long I haven’t had a chance to try all of them out so thought I would give a brief overview and a little mini review of the ones I have.

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Is the first mask primer to be released and one of it’s main ingredients is Red Algae. Which basically is great at restoring the skins moisture levels. By using this, your skin will absorb the mask you  apply much better than if you were to use nothing before hand. Now, I don’t know if I would have bought this separately as I think it’s a bit of a luxury. But if your into your masks, then this is great. I did use it every time I put on a mask and honestly feel that it made a difference to the look and feel of skin. If your interested, you can get it here for £18.50 from Origins.


I love foaming masks, so was really excited to try this one. It’s full of Spinach, Green Tea and Spirulina which are all well known for their detox properties. I used one pump for my whole face and that was more than enough. It comes out as a kind of clay like substance. But when massaged into the skin with water, it transforms into a foaming cleanser. I personally fell that because it’s plant based it’s kinder on the skin but still packs a punch by making your skin feel clean. I would recommend using this maybe 1-2 times a week depending on how clogged your pores are. What I mean by that is how many takeaways you’ve eaten that week. BY ALL GREENS™ is available here for £30 (70ml).


,I always used to stay away from the word retexturizing when used in skincare. All I can think of is when they resurface the roads with tar and it doesn’t provide a pretty picture. But as I got this mask in the box, I thought I would be stupid not to try it. This is supposed to brighten skin, unclog pores and minimise them – all in one fowl swoop. In the past couple of years, I have noticed that my pores around my nose have become much more visible. There is nothing permanent that you can do to get rid of those pesky buggers. But this mask really did make my skin look bright and really clean, but also made it feel moisturised. Not the kind when you use a hydrating mask, but just the right amount. Available here for £24 (100ml).


This is the only other one I have tried so far. As I have dehydrated skin, this is probably my fave from the box. It feels soothing, really lightweight and sinks into the skin literally upon application. It contains lots of oils and good stuff to hydrate your skin but the best thing about it is it doesn’t transfer onto your pillow. When I woke up, I felt like I had drunk about 20 litres of water. So if you need some hydration in your life, this is definitely worth the investment. It costs £24 for 100ml and you don’t need much, but you can also slather it on if thats how you roll. You can get it here from Origins.


.This Ginzing mask is copper in colour and I would have bought it just for that… I have yet to use this one. But I would say this is a great mask for an all round better skin day. It’s suitable for Dry, Normal and Oily skin so can literally be used by anybody and is aimed to lift dead skin cells away, leaving you with a brand spanking new face. This one is £24 for 75 ml, available here.

Last but not least, you get 3 mini samples of their 3 most popular masks to try. Their 10 minute drink up mask which can be used in place of their overnight one in a hurry. Another cult fave is their Active Charcoal mask and a 10 minute mask for problem skin (which I might pass onto a friend as I don’t have ‘problem skin’).

So there you have it. A quick little run down of this beautiful little box. Unfortunately, this box was limited edition, but I hope that my reviews of them helped some of you figure out which ones to try. Origins are well known for their masks and are up there in price for some of their products. I think that £24 for 75-100ml really isn’t bad. You only get one face, so until they figure out a way to do some kind of face transplant for the masses, this is what I will stick with.

What are your must haves from Origins? I really want to try their mega-mushroom cream….


This is not a sponsored post and all PR samples will be marked with an asterisk (*)

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