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Plymouth Hollibobs

From Pirates to poshness, Plymouth really does have something for everyone. I was already down in Portsmouth, so took the coach which took 6ish hours to what felt like the arse end of know-where.

I was staying with a friend and the picture above is the view she has from her apartment. I must admit, it is pretty spectacular both in the morning and in the evening when the sun sets. I have been once before, but it was in Winter. Plus, I wasn’t very mobile then and still had a crutch so was quite limited on what we could do. This time however, I was feeling much better and we had a little walk to do some sightseeing and take some pics.

The view from her apartment is really something, situated right on The Barbican. To get up in the morning, look out the window and all you see is blue skies and boats. What more could you want from a holiday? (I won’t mention that it did rain quite a lot of the time).



There are some beautiful buildings in Plymouth, nestled amongst some really fugly ones. This is because it was so heavily bombed in the war.

There is the Gin Distillery, which as far as I know is still the original building. I didn’t get to go this time, but it will be on my to do list for next time.

I’ve heard of the Boston Tea Party places before and we didn’t go that evening, but for breakfast instead. I would recommend it, as the menu is quite quirky with standard breakfast options too. The decor is pretty cool as well. It’s mostly white exposed brick with retro furniture, has a very laid back atmosphere and is child friendly.







We took a walk along to the seafront on my last day, just before it started raining (again). We walked from The Barbican along to The Hoe. The Hoe is quite famous in Plymouth and is a lovely place to go for picnics while watching the waves. They often have a funfair throughout the summer hols too.

This is probably one of the most memorable structures on The Hoe. Smeaton’s Tower is about 70ft high and because of it’s contrasting colours, it makes for a lovely photo opportunity. For those of you that don’t know Plymouth, The Hoe is basically a park with beautiful views of the sea. If your visiting Plymouth and the sun is out, it’s worth a visit.


Directly opposite Smeaton’s Tower is whats called The Lido. I never knew something like this still existed! You remember in the 1950’s, when people were still holidaying in the UK and would go swimming outdoors. There were still a couple of places left as I was growing up, but sadly they have died out to.

Whats special about this, is the pool is filled with sea water, so no chlorine! From what I remember you do have to pay to get in, but I can’t find anywhere on line that gives info on the prices. Sorry… I think this is pretty awesome though. It’s sooo blue!

They even have bollards dedicated to pirates. Who knew that was even a thing?…. I had a little look on Google and there wasn’t much info on these. But from what I could figure out was that they are dedications to people who have had an association with Plymouth. I’m not sure what the requirements are though.


Plymouth in the sunshine is definitely a place to visit as it can be so picturesque. As can the rest of Devon/Cornwall. I personally think that there aren’t many places in the UK that resemble countryside like this.

If your going and it’s August, I would still take a rain jacket. The weather is quite unpredictable and even in the Spring it can get quite chilly near the coast.

Here’s a picture of an ice cream. Because, why not?..

Probably not the most informative post I’ve ever written. But thought you might like to see the pictures and hear a little about my jolly. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. Let me know where is good to go, so I can add it to my list for my next visit.
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