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Prima glitter

Glitters can be a bit daunting, even for the seasoned makeup artist. Personally, I have always been fascianted by the final look adding glitter can achieve. Just after Christmas, I came across the brand Prima. They specialise in pressed glitter and also sell a few styles of cosmetic bag.

Luckily they had an offer on their whole collection including the magnetic palette for around £30. Normally pressed glitter can range from £2 up to £6 each. I managed to get these for around £2 each, which is a great price to delve in to the sparkles. (Sale is still on as I write this post)


At first, I wasn’t really sure on how to use them. But I think the trick is to be a bit more heavy handed than you imagine. You can see from the swatches of the first row, I didn’t take enough of the glitter and the effect isn’t anything like the second and third row.

‘Mermaid tails’ is beautiful to wear alone used as a inner corner highlight and ‘drama at the disco’ as a liner. The glitters aren’t too chunky, but you still have to be careful about getting any of them in your eyes. I absolutely love these and actually look forward to doing my makeup everyday. Monday should become national glitter day. Whose with me?!

If you are thinking about getting some to add to your kit, or even just experiment with. Do it! It’s like being 5 years old all over again. But completely socially acceptable.



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