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RHW X Autograph makeup blushmedo 200316-0099This my friends is something that I have been meaning to blog about for a little over a month when I first got my hands on it. I only picked up 3 pieces from the collection, but I’m kind of glad because it has given me a chance to use all three products thoroughly for me to be able to give you a proper review of them.

The three items i went for were the translucent powder, the cream highlight stick and a pinky nude matte lipstick. The powder retails for £18 and is available here, the cream highlight stick I can’t find anywhere on the website but I think it was around £15 and the lipstick was £14 in the shade camisole blush here.RHW X Autograph makeup blushmedo 200316-0104 RHW X Autograph collection makeup blushmedo 200316-0133RHW X Autograph makeup blushmedo 200316-0130 The packaging of the powder is pretty much the same way as any loose powder but the thing that does it for me is the beautiful rose gold which seems to be so popular at the moment. I have also jumped on the bandwagon with the rose gold/copper trend, I think its beautiful. Anyway, back to the product.. Inside isn’t a twisty plastic cover like you’d normally expect, there is something that reminds of something between a trampoline and a spider web which you can either pat the jar or pat your brush directly into and it dispenses the product. The powder itself is really really finely milled and smells like lavender. Just keep in mind that the first ingredient in this is talc followed by silica (basically silicon), which can clog or irritate some peoples skin. On me, I haven’t had this problem, but it is something to bare in mind. I personally use it for baking and it works really well and I have also used it as an all over face powder, making sure I used just a small amount. As a powder, it does the job of keeping me oil free (I’m not an oily beast anyway), but doesn’t make me look too matte which is something I prefer. RHW X Autograph makeup blushmedo 200316-0105 RHW X Autograph makeup blushmedo 200316-0106  Firstly can I say I forgot to photo a swatch of this product (bad dobby). I have never experimented with cream highlighters before and thought this looked a good one to start with as it is quite a light shade. I took this with me on holiday to use in place of a powder one and I have to say I’m still not sold. When I swatched it the shaded looked reminiscent of a champagne colour which I thought would work really well with my complexion. Especially after getting some sun. I have tried using it both under and over makeup and I think I find it works better under because on top, I feel it moves the rest of my makeup around. It does work if I use my fingers and dab it on the cheeks. I can’t say it’s a life changing product, but can also be added to the skin when not wearing makeup to add some glow (if you can get away with it).RHW X Autograph makeup blushmedo 200316-0110 RHW X Autograph makeup blushmedo 200316-0111 RHW X Autograph makeup blushmedo 200316-0126The final item is the lipstick in Camisole Blush and this is by far the stand out for me. I use it all the time and it almost always comes everywhere with me in my handbag and I love the beautiful flower thats embossed on the actual bullet. It’s very spring appropriate and a really flattering colour that I can throw on to give some life back to my look. I have also yet to find a makeup look it doesn’t complement. Just sayin… The only thing I would say, is that it can be a tad on the dry side, but is much better if worn with a liner. I pair any of my nude/pink ones and they all work fine.
RHW X Autograph makeup blushmedo 200316-0114

The Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley collection for Autograph is available at select Marks & Spencer stores now and online here. As they say, two out of 3 ain’t bad and although the highlighter isn’t a firm fave, it is still going to be something that I continue to use in different ways until I find a way I prefer. As far as the rest of the collection, the blushes seem really soft and buttery, but I wasn’t in the market for a new one at the time.. I was very restrained! Look t all that rose gold! What are your favourites from the collection?


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