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The Surprising Contour Find|Blushmedo

Poundland. Now even though I am a teensy bit into drugstore makeup, as you may well have noticed, I will admit that I am still a little bit of a snob when it comes to where I buy my stuff from. It’s probably how the whole experience makes you feel, the lights, the luxe packaging and so on.. I always knew they stocked makeup, but never gave it second glance, because as I said, I’m a snob and also because I’m pretty sure I never want to know what chemicals they put in their products to make them so affordable.

Anyway, long story short (I tried) these were on a special and I got 3 for £1 and even for a makeup snob, that’s hard to pass up. The packaging is very very basic, but surprisingly sturdy and they have a nice closing mechanism on them so I would never worry about them popping open. I can’t say that I’m a massive fan of single shadows because even if they get a lot of love in the beginning, they excitement subsides and I end up chucking them in a drawer in favour of more versatile palletes with everything I need for my look. However, these little babies have become a kind of staple because of their ability to be so adaptable in their own right.Poundland eyeshadows blushmedo 210416-4Poundland eyeshadows blushmedo 210416-5Let’s start off with Dark Plum number 17 (left), is a really beautiful deep red/burgundy shade which does appear slightly lighter when applied to the eye and can almost look purple. As with the darker two of these shades I picked up, you absolutely have to use them with a light hand and this isn’t because they are majorly pigmented, it’s because they can easily become a little patchy but don’t if you build them up slowly. I didn’t think I would get much use out of this shade as Spring sprung, yet because it can look a little purple/mauve on the eye, I reckon I could easily get away with wearing this either as a liner or as a pop of colour. This shade is nice, but not my favourite from the bunch.

Next up is White Frost number 1 (centre) and the reason I picked this one up was specifically to be used an an inner corner highlight, for which it works perfectly. I would just be careful, as there are some quite large chucks of glitter or something in it which may irritate some people. Once blended though, its the perfect wow white shade and as you can see in the picture I have also used it as a highlight and I really like the effect it gives so this shade is a winner in my opinion.

Last but definitely not least is what I feel to be the shining star of this lot. It goes by the name Cappuccino number 9 (right) and for me I think this could be used for many makeup things. I first got it because I thought it would look amazeballs to be used as a contour because of really cool undertone. I would describe the colour as a kind of brown/grey/mauve, which works perfectly on my skin tone to create a natural shadow. It’s also great for when I can’t be arsed with any eyes shadow, because of it’s ability to create a natural shadow, is perfect for adding some depth to my eye by swishing it into my crease. Effortless without even trying! ha!Poundland eyeshadows blushmedo 210416-2 Poundland eyeshadows blushmedo 210416-6 Poundland eyeshadows blushmedo 210416-170316

As they’re only available from Poundland, Im not able to provide links but if one is located near you I would go and have a look see if anything takes your fancy. Also, apologies for the double water mark, I must have exported it twice… Have you tried anything from the Poundland makeup line?

Thanks for reading and apologies for the delay in this being posted. I’ve had some life things get in the way.


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