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TK Maxx Haul | Ciate Makeup

 You know how it is… You ‘pop’ into TK Maxx for a little look around and no matter how much I try I always end up gravitating towards the beauty section. Over the last few months, TK Maxx have really upped their game in the beauty department. For someone who doesn’t know makeup, there is nothing out of the ordinary but for someone like me there are endless bargains to be had.
I had used Ciate nail polishes in the past, but weren’t aware they had branched out into makeup. I first saw fleurdeforce talking about this particular collection a couple of months earlier, so knew I had to get at least something… I picked up nearly everything they had on the shelf save for a lipstick in red, which I justified not buying as I really wouldn’t wear it.
I ended up caving an getting the bronzer/blush duo in Bluff Point and 2 of their lipsticks in Truffle and Praline, both of which are brown based nudes. As if I needed another nude…
Ciate x Olivia Palermo makeup blushmedo 161215-6-2
Ciate x Olivia Palermo makeup blushmedo 161215-8-2
Ciate x Olivia Palermo makeup blushmedo 161215-17-2
First of all, the packaging is stunning and even the boxes are detailed. As far as I’m aware, all of the packaging is designed the same. It’s black, not matte, yet not shiny with a kind of hammered effect to it and both the edges and writing is gold. The bronzer/blush duo follows the same format, in that the top of the compact is black almost crocodile finish, embossed with gold lettering. The clasp is one of those that you have to get your nail under to open it, but doesn’t feel cheap. Inside you get a mirror the size of the compact lid and because it is indented slightly doesn’t get any of the product on it. You also get one of those plastic protector things, and written on it is “Get the best of both worlds with my blusher bronzer duo”, then Olivia Palmero’s signature, I think this is a really nice touch as you wouldn’t find something like that in a drugstore product. Although this does seem to be the done thing with celeb collaborations now.. i.e. Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay.
The bullet is embossed with OP and the Ciate bow logo and something that really bothers me is when the line between the two colours or whatever it is isn’t straight. Don’t panic! I can report the line is straight! I repeat! The line is straight! It’s described as a lightweight semi matte finish, which I would tend to agree with and the bronzer can also been worn to slightly contour because of it’s undertone. I think these colours would suit a lot of different skin tones, even my paleness.
The lipsticks are housed in a gold metal case with black detailing around the tube and on the lip and feels very luxurious indeed. The packaging almost reminds me of YSL lipsticks… You know the satisfying sound it makes when you close and open it. Although they’re not magnetic, they do close securely so no worries about the lid flying off in your handbag. They’re quite weighty too, so even if you paid a bit more it still feels fancy pants enough to justify it.
The bullet itself has that lovely sharp point, making it easier to get a really precise application and is embossed with OP (Olivia Palmero) and the signature little Ciate bow on the other side. I’m not actually sure what they are described as, but I would say these 2 are definitely matte finishes and although they are moisturising they do flake after a few hours but fair longer when worn with a lip liner. Sometimes I want something a bit more of a pink undertone, so will go in with Rimmel exaggerate lip liner in east end snob. This is my personal favourite, but you could use anything you like. One thing I would say, is that both the boxes and packaging do show what the colour will be. Do not believe anything they tell you! The bullet, on both lipsticks I chose are completely different to what the stickers say they are.
Ciate x Olivia Palermo makeup blushmedo 161215-12-2   Ciate makeup swatches blushmedo
I think I paid around £5 a lipstick and £6 or £7 for the bronzer/blush duo. If you manage to pick them up for this price, then I would definitely recommend giving them a try. They look expensive, wear reasonably well and the items I picked up are very wearable shades. TK Maxx is always worth a look in the beauty department. But a word of advice. Please, please do not dip your fingers or ‘try’ anything out while your in the shop, because it spoils it for others who might want to buy the item as a gift!
Have you tried anything from the Olivia Palmero x Ciate collection?
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