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The Little Haul|Topshop Makeup

tiptop makeup haul

topshop makeup haul

topshop makeup haul

I popped into Topshop a couple of a weeks ago to have a quick browse of their makeup section and spotted these beauties. The first thing I spotted was the Chameleon highlighter in Mother of Pearl. The packaging on this is a really nice rubberised black with shiny black stars and feel nice and sturdy. You get a mirror inside and obviously the product itself. The formula feels powdery when you rub your finger over it, but once applied it doesn’t look like this at all. It does give quite a bit of fall out though, which is something to bear in mind. In the pan, the colour looks like it would be a very bright gold which i was kind of worried about. In real life, it comes across as a pink gold with a white reflex in it and it just beautiful. You only need a really small amount to get that highlight on flee though, so it will last a long time. I didn’t check the price of this and I have to admit I had a bit of a shock when I got to the till and this turned out to be £12.50, for which you get 3.2g of product so definitely a little bit pricey. Especially for a high street brand. It’s available here if your interested.

The second thing that caught my eye was this Chameleon Glow in U-turn, which at the time I didn’t realise they were both from the same line. There are 3 available shades in this collection, U-turn, Shuffle the Cards and Wax + Wane. Unfortunately the one I purchased and Shuffle the Cards isn’t available at the moment so here is the link to Wax + Wane which retail for £9. I have used this as a highlight and on my eyes but haven’t decided how I like it best. In some lights it looks green and in others it looks pink, so you’d have to be quite bold to wear it on the cheeks. For something a little more subtle I would use it in the centre of the eyelid to add a bit of colour and dimension to any look.

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Do you own anything from this line? For something so small, it is a bit pricey and honestly there is probably something similar out there for a kinder price tag. Let me know your recommendations.


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