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Unicorn Face Blanket|Ööloom

With Christmas finally over, I find myself struggling to sleep. All the hustle and bustle of visiting and parties have gone. Your left with a very lonely looking tree;  all the presents put away in their new homes and that weird bit between the big day and New Year are here.

Ööloom meaning ‘night owl’ or ‘night beast’,  is a company based in Estonia that produce what they call face blankets for sleeping. I absolutely love the name they came up with and think the idea behind them are really original. Currently, there are 14 masks available including 3 endangered species.

For me, the Unicorn one is definitely my fave and I was so excited when I got this as a Christmas present. I always wash my face before bed anyway, but they do recommend this to keep your face blanket clean. If you do get it dirty, it’s hand wash only. I’ve tried to find what these are made of (awaiting a reply from Ööloom) , but have come up at a bit of a blank. I would say that some people may find parts of the material irritating. A couple of fluffy bits have made their way up my nose whilst on an inhale. Other than that it’s very soft and more importantly; extremely cute.

I would like to say the company give some of their profits to some kind of animal charity, but I could be wrong. Not knowing what they’re made of, means the only thing different about them is the styles. They are expanding their range of animals all the time. Plus, each animal has a description meaning you can choose which one your human friend/yourself is most likely to be. This Unicorn face blanket has worked a treat with my night time sleeplessness. I would recommend you all get one immediately.

Where to buy

The Ööloom store is available here and prices are around £30 a mask. Well worth the money if you ask me. I mean, who doesn’t want to sleep like a unicorn?…

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