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Urban Decay | Full Spectrum Palette | with Swatches



It wasn’t until very recently that I learnt to use colours on my eyes. I always thought I looked as though the 80’s had vommed all over me. The trick is to use just one or two at a time. Hey presto. You look like a total babe. As soon as I saw Urban Decay were releasing the Full Spectrum Palette, I knew I had to get it. They tend to release one around this time every year. But this time, I was ready.

I think the packaging is the most beautiful thing I ever did see. The way they have graduated the shades on UD makes me feel happy just looking at it. This is probably the second time Urban Decay have nailed the way the shadows are housed. Its sleek and sophisticated, but also very hard wearing and robust. Al though the bottom of it is a shiny black plastic, you won’t tend to see it. So doesn’t bother me that much.



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What you get

There are 21 shades in total, 18 of which are completely new and 3 are from previous limited edition palettes. The way they have laid them out, really satisfies the OCD in me. So far, all of the colours have been pigmented and blendable. Faded and Midnight Blaze are the only two out of the 21 that are a bit meh. I just feel they don’t have the same impact as the rest of them.

The only thing missing for me is a couple of transition colours. But then again, this isn’t at all what this palette is about. I mean, if your buying this, the chances that you already own another palette to use in conjunction with this are pretty high. But it’s something to bear in mind. The options with this palette really are endless. I have even worn the yellow shade, which is something I would never normally go for. Let me tell you, it’s just beautiful when applied as a crease shade.


There are also rumours that Urban Decay might discontinue their electric palette with this launch. But as this is just a rumour, I wouldn’t worry too much. If your stuck in a makeup rut, or love to push the colour boundaries. The Full Spectrum Palette is an absolute gem. So far, I don’t really have a bad word to say about it. They are in store now priced at £43 (online here), so at the very least go and marvel at how beautiful the colours are strategically arranged. Maybe even swatch a few?.. As with most bright and pigmented shades, they can stain your eyelid. So wearing a base is a must. Other than that. You can go crazy with this spectrum of colours. Let me know if you have already got and and what your favourite shades are. I would love to see some looks.


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