When I finally made it into Topshop | Beauty edition

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Everytime I go into the City, I always plan on going into Topshop to pick up some of their makeup offerings. But, it’s normally the last place on my list, so by the time I get there, I’ve already spent all my money on other stuff I really don’t need. This time, I did it! I didn’t succumb to the lure of other shops. So yay to me!
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I have massively been loving bronzers, highlights and liner lately. That’s exactly what I got. There are 2 shades in total – Mohawk and Salute, the darker, warmer of the two. Being so pale, I opted for the lighter of the two and it’s is the perfect shade of brown without being to orange. I really like the matte black packaging of this bronzer and there are kind of shiny lines that look like stickers, but aren’t. I checked. It blends really well and isn’t dusty at all, so won’t fly everywhere when your swirling your brush around in the pan. The Topshop bronzer is available for £9 here.
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I went in looking for their Magic Liner, but couldn’t find it so grabbed this instead. It’s a very liquidy formula, which I find much harder to work with. But once dry, it is very pigmented and really matte – as the name suggests. If you like liquid liners, this is a good one as I really do like the matte finish, although the fineness of the nib does make a bolder wing a little more of a task than if you were using a pen or gel liner. Topshop’s Matte Liner is available here in the colour Soot for £7.50.
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Star buy of the day has to go to their highlight in Horizon. I was having a bad photo day, so the pic doesn’t do it any justice. It is really smooth when swatched and glides onto the skin beautifully, giving a lovely, subtle glow. This reminds me of Mac’s Soft & Gentle and is a steal at just £10 available here. The packaging is in my opinion not really anything special, though does it’s job just as well.

I will definitely be popping into Topshop to try out some more of their makeup very soon. What are your recommendations?

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