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I’m going to first say that I am not really in the mood to write anything the past week or so. This is because about a week ago, a month and a half worth of blogposts were wiped from my site as the server they are stored on had a meltdown and because of this, so did I. Iv’e really lost my blogging mojo and overtime I look at my site I get really disheartened that all the work I have done it gone. They are currently working on retrieving the content, but aren’t completely sure whether they will be able to restore it all and because I am an actual idiot, I didn’t back them up! WHY?! *smacks self round face* Oh well, from now on I will have about 5,000,000 copies.

Anyhow, my the time you are reading this, I will be on my way to sunny South Africa for about 3 weeks. So thought it would be a good time to do a post about my in flight essentials. Now, this is probably not everybody’s definition of essential. But for someone who is as in to beauty as I am, I struggled to get it down to this much…

Mouthwash – My favourite mouthwash by far has to be this Dentyl (3 for 2 – £1.25 for 100ml) one as it doesn’t burn your face off like other ones do. I do find that somehow the blue bit on the top gets used up much quicker than the rest because it settles faster than you undo the damn child proof lid.

Dry Shampoo – I don’t know about you, but I think they throw grease at my head while I’m snoozing as when I land I look like I’ve taken a whole pot of oil and dumped it on my head, so always give my hair a quick spritz in the bathroom before we land. I like Batiste (3 for 2 – £1.50 for 50ml) at the moment and I think I prefer the orignal to any of the other flavours.

Micellar water – I always take some kind of makeup remover with me on the plane and before micellar water was a ‘thing’ I used to take face wipes, but like to use this as I would in my everyday skincare routine anyway. I use Bioderma (£4.80 for 100ml) at the moment, but will be getting the simple one when it runs out and I decant it into a travel bottle so I don’t have to pay over the odds for a piddly little bottle and works just as well. As soon as I get on the plane, I take off my makeup; no one needs to see this *points to makeup-less face*, apart from my mirror.

Perfume – Yes, I am one of those annoying people who spritzes on the plane, but only in the toilet and only at the end of the flight so I smell/feel better and don’t offend the people I meet the other end. I think the one in here is mont blanc (£13.95 for 30ml). I have a full post about these babies coming soon, so keep an eye out.

Hand Sanitiser – A definite must for any traveller, I picked up about a lifetime and a half supply of these beauties from Bath and Bodyworks in America when I popped over there. Similar here (from £1.99 for 29ml)

Deodorant – I prefer roll on, but as these small sprays are better for travelling I tend to opt for Mitchum (3 for 2 – £1.20 f0r 35ml) for no other reason than it stops me getting sweaty betty.

Face cream – Planes suck all the moisture out of the air, so a generous face cream is important or if you can be bothered, a face mask is also a good idea when going long haul (if you can cope with the strange looks from fellow passengers). Embryolisse is my go to flying moisturiser as it is really rich, but if used sparingly doesn’t break me out, although I do tend to get a couple of cheeky spots after flying. A couple of days in the sun tends to sort this out though..

Makeup – I always take a travel size mascara I have lying around and maybe some concealer (£3.99 on offer) if I feel I need it (not pictured), then I use this Bourjois cream to powder blush with my fingers to give me a bit of colour from being stuck in the plane for the last 10 ½ hours.

Lip balm – Lip balm is for me, another must and I apply this loads of times on the plane because as the air dries out my face, it also dries out my lips. This Nivea one (99p on offer for 4.9g) is handy too, as it has spf15 in, so is perfect for when I get to the other end to protect my lips from the sun. At least I hope it will be sunny..

Hand cream – For obvious reasons, but you can also use it on other parts of the body too. Any would suffice, but the one I have here is the Nivea smooth nourishing (3 for 2 – £1.50 for 30ml) one.

Toothpaste – Of all the travel sized ones I have found this Sensodyne (£3.49 for 75ml) to be the best when mixed with the awful taste of the plane water in the toilet. and I reckon this would last maybe 4 or 5 days in total if taken away, maybe a week.. I probably just use a lot in one go…

That little lot is just my liquids bag and to go with this I do have another clear bag that I keep the rest of the things I use when I fly. Most of this lot was from wither Boots or Superdrug on a 3 for 2, but links are above anyway.Travel essentials 2016 blushmedo 200316-0217 Travel essentials 2016 blushmedo 200316-0218

A few other things I like to take is a tangle teaser (£12.49) which I use throughout the holiday to cut down on packing and it is a brilliant all rounder. Gum for when were taking off and landing to cut down on the ear popping, a pen because who knows when you’ll need one and a nail file (from £1.79) as when I have a jagged nail I tend to pick at it till it’s all gone and have done this numerous times in cars and on flights so this comes in more handy than you’d think unless your not as inpatient as me and can wait till you get there. I also take one pack of wet wipes (£1.15 for 12 wipes) as I can’t bare to think of the mucky hands that have touched the plane before I got there and Femfresh available here to have a bit of a freshen up before we land to make me feel a bit more human and I like these as they are PH balanced, so won’t irritate your intimate areas. An eye mask needs no explanation, but to be honest I always forget to put it on and last but not least, the black little dufer is a headphone adapter from eBay here (from only 99p) so I’m able to listen to the tv/radio with my own headphones which are noise cancelling. The ones I will be taking are Beats (£64 for similar ones) in ear ones, as the big ones give me a headache if worn for long periods of time and I can’t tilt me head to sleep so find these better.

I’m sure I will probably have forgotten something and will pop a couple of things in last minute like I always do. But by the time you read this I will have already started my journey, but will be doing some blog posts while I’m out there,, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

What are your carry on essentials? Also, I apologise for the glitch in my website at the moment, I am hoping it will all be sorted by the time I get back from holiday.

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