About Me

My name is Lucinda, I’m 26 years old and live in Norwich. I first discovered I had a love for beauty around age 17 (I was a bit late to the party, I know) when I found a benefit booklet round my cousins house. I then discovered she owned some of said makeup and I fell completely in love. Since then, I have spent nearly every spare penny on trying out different make up brands, colours and formulas. I love talking about anything beauty related and am excited to discover new products and share the love. I have thought about starting a blog/making videos since I discovered they existed around 7 years ago. I finally got the courage up to begin around June 2015, when I decided that life is too short to not try. One of the contributing factors for me making this decision is what happened to me just over a year ago.

My Accident

So on the 17th April 2014, I was involved in a road traffic accident on the A146 (close to Norwich), when a woman who for unknown reasons veered onto  my side of the road and hit me head on. Now I won’t go into details, but as you can imagine it was quite horrific. I’ll just say that due to the accident my beautiful Mum is no longer with us,  and I spent 8 weeks in hospital having numerous operations and learning to walk again. I am by no means ‘better’ as people keep asking, but I have come so far in such a short space of time and my goal is to be ‘normal’ (for me at least). At some point I will consider writing a blog post on everything, but I first want to see how people would feel about it. I have pictures of me from the first night in hospital, from when I was intubated (had a tube down my throat to help me to breathe), lying unconscious and all the way up until now. With monumental documentation of me standing/walking for the first time! Before the accident I had a conditional offer to begin Adult Nursing at the UEA September 2014 (This obviously didn’t happen….) But I hope to still be able to do this in the future, once I have returned to work. I decided to incorporate what has happened to be with my love for everything beauty and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to leave me a comment, I’d love to chat to you.