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The Only Contour/Bronzer Palette You Need | Morphe Brushes

There is now something called bake-touring. There is a certain point with make-up trends, when you have to take a step back and think. If it’s not something that will change your life. Ignore it. However, contouring is still big business and with so many products available, it can be hard to choose what to buy. Fear no more. I have actually found something that is extremely reasonably priced and not one of the powders will leave you looking like an oompa loompa.

I am a huge fan of Morphe as a brand. They’re products are amazing and aside from a couple of their powder products being a little messy. I would recommend all their stuff. The 9C Contour palette has been out of stock for literally months. I happened upon it and immediately bought it, knowing it would be perfect for my professional kit.

The packaging isn’t fancy, but for me the price reflects this and not in the quality of the product itself. There are 9 powders in total – 4 bronzer/contour shades, 4 powders and 1 highlight. I have used all of the contour shades on numerous people and have found them easy to work with. They blend nicely and seem to have just the right amount of pigment in for a natural look or you can build them up for a more defined contour. As for the powders, I have only used them for defining the contour line and brightening up under the eyes. They have worked well for this and don’t look too dry on the skin. Now the highlight is where I though I might come unstuck. It looks really golden, but so far has suited all skin tones I have used it on.

I know having a palette with this many powders may seem excessive if you only do makeup on yourself. But remember these can be used for the eyes aswell. I would still recommend it, even if you use half of the shades. The price per gram is much cheaper compared to a lot of other brands offering the same kind of product. The Morphe Brushes Highlight & Contour palette in 9C is available for £23 from Beauty Bay. It’s in stock NOW! Go and get it before it’s gone again.

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