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Hair diaries | Grey and Purple

Just a quick impromptu post, as I’ve ventured completely out of my comfort zone and dyed my hair something other than blonde! Can you believe it? I mentioned it to my hairdresser Kim and after much deliberation, I said sod it and booked an appointment.

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This is what my hair looked like before we started. When styled, it looked pretty good. I had an easy to manage ombré look going on. It was quite warm in tone, so we knew it would be a pain in the bum to get what I wanted.

She started with a full head of foils, to lighten it, then painted on a brown in between to try and knock out some of the brassy tones. She then applied a toner (not sure which one), left that on for around 15-20mins. This was the result.
My Hair Diaries makeup blushmedo 030116-4
I was really please with it! Numerous people also commented on how nice it was! But as it was still quite warm, she decided to book me in the next week to put on another toner, to see if we could get more the desired effect.
My Hair Diaries makeup blushmedo 030116-8My Hair Diaries makeup blushmedo 030116-9

My Hair Diaries makeup blushmedo 030116

I had my appointment booked for exactly a week later. She used a silver coloured toner mixed with a violet one, hoping this would get rid of those pesky warm colours. I believe sh left it on for around 20ish minutes. This is what I ended up with (pics below). Kim did say not to worry about how dark it was when she first rinsed it, as the colour would fade quickly as I washed it. These photos were taken straight after colour application and it’s not so purple in real life as it appears in these pics. Although it wasn’t exactly what I was going for, I ended up with something that I would never have the guts to go for if it hadn’t happened by accident. So thanks to Kim for that!
My Hair Diaries makeup blushmedo 030116-2My Hair Diaries makeup blushmedo 030116-3My Hair Diaries makeup blushmedo 030116-6

I do think that it will be a lot more upkeep than my previous colour.  also noticed that with the bleaching, my hair has taken quite a bit of a battering, so I make sure to use hair masks, heat protecter and oil every so often to help repair the damage. If you would like to see an updated post, please let me know in the comments and I’ll give it a go.

Apologise for the lack of colour info in this post. I have asked Kim to let me know the specific colours used, but she unfortunately hasn’t got back to me at the time of writing.. But if you have any questions, please leave me a comment or ask me on twitter and I will do my best to answer.

As always, thank you so much for reading! Let me know your colour experiences!

This is not a sponsored post and all PR samples will be marked with an asterisk (*)


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