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Do you sometimes wake up and think; today I’m going to go all out with my makeup. Maybe you’ve seen something the previous day that inspired you to try something new. Or maybe you just do whatever the hell you want! Well, I have come to the conclusion, that sometimes I get treated differently because of my makeup and even when I have none on at all. Of course, I have days where I can’t be bothered, or I just might not get around to it. But more often than not, I do wear a full on face of makeup. There is no law that says you have to be doing anything special. Sometimes, all I leave the house for is to walk to dog (if he’s lucky) and in my opinion, it doesn’t make a difference whether I’ve put some slap on my face, or not.
While I was growing up, my Mum used to work in a pub a few nights a week. I used to sit in my parents bedroom watching Heartbeat, watching her get ready. I won’t say that she did anything fancy. Her makeup was always the same. She did a brown smokey eye, using an eyeshadow sponge and her fingers (No fancy pants brushes). Foundation was literally smeared on with the hands, blush was swished across the cheek and Rimmel eyeliner and some pretty dried up mascara to finish the look. I think this is why I love this look so much now, as it reminds me of her.

I don’t use makeup to impress anyone else but myself. After all, who is going to notice the difference between a £25 mascara and £7 one?… My makeup game has been much better of late. A combination of my skin behaving, making my products sit better and practice. Recently, I have been noticing that the way my face looks/the lipstick I’m wearing has a prt to play in the way I get treated. I’m not saying that people completely ignore me. If your in a department store where they sell high end beauty, for example. I have found that the more flawless your makeup looks, or if they recognise your lipstick. They will be more likely to help you. Mainly because they know your a sucker for spangly new things.

Maybe this is just me? Have I gotten to the point in my life where I don’t care about what people think about how much makeup I decide to wear on that particular day? I do still have many days when I am very insecure about what I wear and how people look at me. For instance, I was out and about last week wearing Jefree Star Costetics lipstick in Unicorn Blood. (Pic below) As you can see, it’s a very unique colour. I LOVE IT! It is by far my favourite at the moment, but I have to wear liner and make sure I scrub my lips beforehand as it does make everything very dry. Anyway, back to my point…  I felt this lipstick made people look and wonder what shade it was, rather than what the hell is she wearing.  What do you think? I am off my rocker, or is there some logic in it?


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