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When I was 13, I went through that stage. You know the one with all the gold everything. The hooped earrings had to be massive and the aim was to fall over from the weight of the gold which topped off your outfit of tracksuit bottoms, cheap trainers and a baseball cap. I think I grew out of that when I turned 16 or 17, but the photographic evidence remains… Luckily I’m from a generation just before social media, so won’t have to re-live it.

I have moved on so much with jewellery and am still lusting after a pair of diamond stud earrings. But until then, I have been loving wearing these ones on a daily basis.

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top 4 earrings blushmedo 200716-1835
top 4 earrings blushmedo 200716-1831

Blog pics blushmedo 200716-1782

top 4 earrings blushmedo 200716-1832

Blog pics blushmedo 200716-1830

The first set I go to if I want something simple and diamond-esque. They are just the right size and have the most amazing shine when the light catches them. I’m pretty sure they came in a set I got for Christmas from Topshop. Similar here.

The next ones are a set of pearl earrings which are real pearls and thats why they’re so special compared to all the others I’ve had over the years which come in packs of 3 or 4. You know the ones I mean. They’re slightly larger than the average, so I will tend to crack these out when I am wearing something a little step ford wives ish. The posh american girls club kinda look, but they also look really nice when paired with something a little edgier to give that look that I don’t know the name for… I won’t link to any, but lots of places sell them. I think they are a staple for anyones collection and are such a versatile piece of jewellery.

Primark have really had some gems in lately and when I was younger, I never would have considered buying any costume jewellery from there. I do think the quality has improved over the years though, so maybe thats why. Over the past year I decided to get on the fashion wagon a bit more and try to make a bit more of an effort with what I wore and how I styled it. Not having an endless budget for ASOS orders, making an outfit work for you comes down to the accessories you put with it. I bloody love these swing earrings (I had to Google that) and I think they were around £2. It said on the cardboard that they’re made with real Cubic Zirconia (I’m not sure how true that is), but they’re so sparkly and classy and work with absolutely anything I put them with! I didn’t think that earring trend would last long, but it’s been at least 2 years now and they show no sign of going anywhere. I would love to invest in some more, so if you know of any that aren’t too blingy and great for everyday wear, let me know in the comments. Similar here on ASOS for £5.

Last but not least are the latest addition to my collection which were kindly given to me by the lovely ladies at Lisa Angel* from a recent event I attended. They’re really cool because they have a small marble square at the front and then a larger one at the back which acts as the butterfly thing. They feel really sturdy and I choose the black ones thinking they would look great in Winter with woolly jumpers and what not. Although they fit into the costume jewellery category, they’re actually 18ct gold plated sterling silver, so can be used by those with sensitive lug holes. If you would like to pick them up, here is a direct link and also a 10% discount code (LANWCH15) which expires 10/09/2016.

What are your fave earrings for summer? Let me know in the comments.


This is not a sponsored post, but some items were gifted to me for an unbiased review. All products will be marked with an asterisk (*).

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