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Following on from my last post which was on the subject of travel, I thought this one would be a good one to follow on from that. It’s only in the past 2-3 years that I have been getting into perfume and if truth be told, I always used to use body sprays as I just could justify the price of them as some are more than £1 a ml which considering you spray at least 2-3 sprays at a time essentially means your spraying about £3 on your skin which evaporates off leaving your money floating round the atmosphere.

I first saw these awesome little things about 6 years ago and when I was travelling to South Africa in about 2011, I had a look on eBay and found replica ones of these which retailed for about £1.99 each because at that time, Travalo’s were still quite pricey at about £7ish each. The ones I bought then didn’t have the special feature these ones do and the only way you could get the perfume into them was by spraying directly into the bottle. Knowing a little more about fragrance then I did then, I realise now that as soon as it is sprayed into the air, the composition of the perfume changes making it smell different and also losing some of it’s longevity and not lasting as well on your skin.
Travalo fragrance blushmedo 200316-0161Travalo fragrance blushmedo 200316-0160 This particular version is called ICE and I believe it is designed to be more aeroplane friendly as they are made completely of plastic, so the chances of it breaking are pretty slim. Each tube holds around 65 sprays (65ml) and it disperses the perfume in a fine mist, instead of a stream like the cheaper versions. The perfume smells exactly the same as it does when sprayed from the original bottle. The downside is that some perfumes don’t have the ability to remove the ‘nozzle’ meaning that your unable to decant it into one of these meaning I never take these away with me in case they break. Jo Malone and Elizabeth and James are buggers for this. In the picture you can see the little hole at the bottom of the atomizer, which they call the Geenie-s is where you press the perfume into, making sure you don’t slip and spray it in your eye as I can tell you for sure that it feels like your eye ball is covered in acid. But generally it works amazingly and I think this brand is the only one that has this and works perfectly.Travalo fragrance blushmedo 200316-0162I ordered one of every colour, but am giving one away as a gift but I think 5 will do me just fine for now. I got them from and eBay shop here for £3.99 and free delivery with an extra 10% off when you buy 3. They don’t recommend that you clean your Travalo but it can be done with any kind of spray bottle and water, so its’ better to have a couple with different perfumes in because your kind of stuck with it once it’s in there. You can put a new perfume in once your Travalo is empty and they say the old smell will fade after a few sprays of your new one. For only £3.99, they are amazing for on the go especially if your like me and your bag weighs more than the kitchen sink. Just remember to choose which perfume you put in as they do last a really long time especially if you forget they’re there. Another point is to try and get one that is a colour similar to your perfume bottle making it easier to remember what’s in it.


What’s your favourite Spring Fragrances? Will you be trying out one of these bad boys?


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